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Stay the Course – Feb 2024

All About You

If January is the month to set goals then February is the month where you choose to continue or to stop.  Goals are just like muscle memory, it needs time to build and you need to push through to stay on your new path.  Here is a recent post of Dr. James DiNicolantonio that sums it up:

If you think nutritious food is expensive, try illness once

If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak.

If you think fitness is time consuming, try waiting in a doctor’s office

Short term costs, pays long term dividends.


Here are the registrations for the Volley For Tomorrow (click here).  You want to make sure I have you in the right time block.  If you are playing in multiple time blocks, you want to make sure you are a different team number for each time block.  

There is one team spot left and that is Sunday July 28th 6pm to midnight.  If you can fill this team please let me know.  I will open it up to individual players at the end of February.

At the end of February I will send out a survey for T-shirt color voting.  Payment is due the middle of March and T-shirt sizes are due the end of April.

Online Store

There is a cost to running any event like the Volley For Tomorrow.  My main way of funding the administrative cost of this event is through profits made through my online store.  If you have any volleyball gear or equipment needs, please support Goldfish Volleyball first by shopping online (click here).