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July – Financial Freedom

July is the month when we think about freedom. So, I ask you, have you thought of financial freedom? Yes, you have the freedom to purchase whatever you like with your credit card but should you? Is this ability the definition of financial freedom? Is spending above your means freedom or is having the cash on hand to purchase what you what freedom?

Let’s suppose I want a new pair of volleyball sneakers and they cost $150. Yes, I have the freedom to purchase them and put them on my credit card but I don’t have the cash on hand to pay that bill right away. Instead, I ask myself “how can I generate $150 so I have the cash on hand to purchase the sneakers”?

A quick Google search shows me that there is an online store called Poshmark where I can sell items I don’t want. Problem solved! I go through my closet and put various items I no longer wear including my old volleyball sneakers into my account. I wait for these items to sell and generate $150.

If I need the new sneakers faster? I can have a yard sale, or post my unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace or my social media.

A small hustle like this turns unwanted items into spendable cash, cleans out closets and no credit card debt. Now to me that is financial freedom!

July Events

I am running one event in July and that is the Volley For Tomorrow at Mulligan’s Island in Rhode Island. I only need one player for Sunday July 23rd midnight to 6am. If interested, please let me know.

July Coupon

The sand is hot in Florida and it’s cold/hot/wet in Rhode Island. Therefore, July’s Coupon is for Sand Socks, use coupon code JulySS and each sand sock will be $22. All our merchandise is on