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December – Inspiration

It’s All About You
December and January is always a “one two punch”.  In December you take stock of what you have and need then in January you clean out what you don’t need anymore.

I find myself doing that today as I cleaned out my garage.  My neighbor Jim’s garage is minimalistic and very clean.  Mine looks like a large junk drawer.  Every time I walk by his house and see his garage, I think to myself “my garage should be like that”.

Isn’t it funny how someone can influence our behavior/goals/lifestyle by just living their own lives and not even saying a word.

Isn’t that true for players on the court and off the court.  You could be someone’s inspiration by just being you.

December Online Store
Junior’s Season has started and all Blast gear is 50% off until December 16th.  Shop online at

I will be away December 19th to January 4th, so the online store will be closed starting on December 18th.  If you need any gear, please keep this in mind.